Efraim Landa - Effi Enterprises

Co Founder and President of Effi Enterprises

Efraim Landa

EFFI ENTERPRISES has been assisting entrepreneurs and emerging growth companies in the U.S. and Israel since 1993.

Our firm's mission is to create value for our customers.

Effi Enterprises co founded by Efraim Landa who currenlty serves as president.


We have experience in:

  • Initial Public Oferrings (IPO)
  • Creative, private equity financing
  • Strategic alliances and/or joint ventures
  • Establishing distribution networks
  • Business divestitures
  • Hands-on executive management and leadership
  • High tech medical companies
  • Business Financial advisors

Our assignments can include

  • Establishing dealer network and/or direct sales force
  • Establishing service network
  • Securing high tech production lines in the Far East
  • Product roll outs
  • Short or long-term management assignments (President, CEO)
  • Marketing strategies
  • Introduction to angel money and other capital sources
  • Introduction to broker/dealers
  • Negotiating licensing arrangements
  • Preparation or review of business plan
  • Preparation or review of financial projections
  • Divestiture strategies
  • Company financing and administration
Efraim E. Landa has over 30 years of experience in the sales, marketing and development of product lines in the medical field and has been a key operative executive in several high tech companies.