Efraim Landa - Gluco Vista

Gluco Vista Chairman

Efraim Landa

GlucoVista Inc. (Fairfield, NJ) is an early-stage company that employs infrared technology in a novel way to non-invasively measure glucose levels in the blood, thereby replacing the conventional finger pricking method. GlucoVista’s R&D; team, based in Israel, consists of a seasoned group of engineers with extensive and unique experience working in electro-optics and in the IR spectrum and in developing commercially viable consumer products.

Efraim Landa co-founded GlucoVista in late 2006 and serves as Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Company. Over the past 5-1/2 years, GlucoVista has made great strides in advancing from an initial concept that has been patented with other patents pending. The Company’s technology was reduced to portable laboratory units that underwent successful clinical tests in 2010 and then was further miniaturized into hand-held units. Advanced clinical studies on the hand-held units will commence shortly at two prominent hospitals in Israel (www.clinicaltrials.gov).

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